TeraBox Vs Send Anywhere | Compatibility | File Transfer

Nowadays, it is necessary that files can be shared quickly and securely. TeraBox vs Send Anywhere are two popular solutions that help resolve this issue. In this detailed comparison, we’ll take a close look at both services to help you decide which one suits your requirements best.

TeraBox Vs Send Anywhere

TeraBox: is a file-sharing software that provides flexibility and ease-of-use. It provides a platform for users to quickly send and receive files, all without the need for creating an account. TeraBox offers fast and easy file transfers, making it suitable for those who prioritize simple file transfers.

Send Anywhere: on the other hand, offers a cross-platform file-sharing service that is renowned for its features. Users can instantly send files between devices. The Send Anywhere service does not require registration and provides end-to-end encryption.


terabox apk

Free Storage

1TB (1024 GB)

File Size Limits

20 GB+

Sharing Experience

Very Fast

Security Level



Free & Premium Plans

Send Anywhere

Free Storage

10 GB

File Size Limits

10 GB

Sharing Experience


Security Level



Free & Premium Plans

Pricing and Plans

Both TeraBox and Send Anywhere offer free plans, but they also provide paid plans with premium features. 

PlatformFree PlanMonthly PlanYearly Plan
TeraBoxYes$3.49/mo$59.99/ Year
Send AnywhereYes$5.99/mo$35.99/ Year
TeraBox and Send Anywhere Pricing Table

File Transfer Speed

TeraBox supports extremely fast file transfers. For users who prioritize rapid file sharing, this is highly valuable when you need to send large files quickly.

While Send Anywhere doesn’t lack in speed, it has reasonable transfer rates that are suitable for most users.

Ease of Use

TeraBox is well known for its ease of use and simple interface. Even those without technical skills can easily control and make use of its features, as it is designed to all levels of technical skill. With its user-friendly interface.

Send Anywhere offers more advanced features. Users who require more control and customization over their file-sharing processes may benefit from this.


Each app has excellent functionality, supporting multiple platforms, including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. It is possible to share files with Send Anywhere via the web application, which ensures maximum functionality across devices and operating systems.

Transfer Methods

TeraBox mostly depends on a simple and easy file transfer process. Select the file, generate a link or QR code, and share it with the recipient. For this method you can send long videos on Terabox.

Send Anywhere offers multiple transfer options with these methods. It offers users the option of sharing through email, QR codes, links, or even a 6-digit key, depending on their needs.

File Size Limits

Free users of TeraBox have file size limitations, you can maximum 5GB large file and document upload as a free user. However, Send Anywhere allows free users to transfer large files. This can be a huge advantage for users dealing with large multimedia files or large datasets.

Offline Transfer

TeraBox does not support a similar offline transfer feature, which can be beneficial for users in situations with limited or no internet access.

Send Anywhere differentiates itself with its unique “offline transfer” feature. This feature allows users to send files without an internet connection, by using local networks like Wi-Fi Direct or Bluetooth.

Storage and Backup

While TeraBox is mostly focused on file sharing, Send Anywhere offers a unique feature: the ability to store and back up files in the Send Anywhere cloud. This can be an advantage for users looking for an easy-to-use solution for both file sharing and storage problems.

Security and Privacy

As far as security and privacy, both TeraBox vs Send Anywhere use encryption to protect user data during file transfers. However, Send Anywhere’s use of end-to-end encryption ensures that files are kept secure not only on your device. but also during data transfer, providing an extra layer of security.

Here is a more comprehensive analysis of key features of TeraBox vs Send Anywhere. In order to choose between these two file-sharing applications, it’s important to compare their features carefully.

User Reviews and Feedback

Users have generally positive feedback for both TeraBox and Send Anywhere. It’s worth exploring user reviews and testimonials to gain a better understanding into actual user experiences. Both are best data transfer apps for android.


Both TeraBox and Send Anywhere are secure file-sharing services, each with its unique features. TeraBox is simple and fast, perfect for quick and easy file transfers. Based on security and functionality, Send Anywhere is an excellent choice for those looking for advanced features and secure sharing.

Finally, your choice should depend on your specific needs and priorities. Compare the key features, security, pricing, and user experience to determine which service fits best with your requirements. Make the best choice based on what matters most to you between TeraBox and Send Anywhere.