TeraBox Vs SHAREit | Transfer Speed | User Experience

TeraBox Vs SHAREit

It has become necessary to share files easily, both at work and at home. Both TeraBox vs SHAREit offer unique methods of sharing files. Here is a comparison of their advantages and disadvantages to help you decide which is best for you.

For those who want to transfer files quickly, TeraBox offers simple, high-speed file sharing. On the other hand, SHAREit focuses on a user-friendly interface and cross-platform functionality, offering a cable-free experience. To guide you in selecting the best file-sharing application for you, examine their important features, security, user experience, pricing, and other aspects.

TeraBox Vs SHAREit

TeraBox is an easy-to-use and user-friendly file-sharing application that has become well-known for its simplicity and performance. TeraBox provides users with a user-friendly platform for sending and receiving files. With TeraBox, easy file sharing is made possible. The fact that there is no need to create an account makes it a favorite of those who prefer an easy, simple approach to file sharing.

SHAREit, on the other hand, is a popular file-sharing application with a huge user base. It helps users transfer files easily between smartphones, tablets, and computers. SHAREit’s primary goal is to offer a user-friendly and easy method of sharing files without the need for messy cables or internet connection.


terabox apk

Free Storage

1TB (1024 GB)

File Size Limits

20 GB+

Sharing Experience

Very Fast

Security Level



Free & Premium Plans


Free Storage

10 GB

File Size Limits

10 GB

Sharing Experience


Security Level



Free & Premium Plans

File Transfer Speed

TeraBox is well known for its fast document uploading speed, great for quick and easy file sharing. With TeraBox, you can send small documents or large multimedia files quickly. Its high-speed performance is a testament to its dedication to user convenience.

Compared to TeraBox, SHAREit has a faster file transfer rate. With SHAREit’s Wi-Fi Direct technology, users can transfer data quickly between devices, making it a good choice for those who value speed as well as smooth connection.

Security and Privacy

Data security and privacy are essential during file transfers. Let’s review how both products address this critical issue:

TeraBox takes security seriously, employing advanced encryption and secure protocols to secure user data during file transfers. Security is not only impressive but also ensures that sensitive information is protected. Terabox is really best data transfer app for android, mac, iOS and windows.

SHAREit also offers security protections, although it’s worth noting that there have been recent controversies about its security in the past. By using the latest version of SHAREit, which includes security enhancements and improvements, you can avoid these vulnerabilities.

User Experience

User experience plays an important role in determining the overall quality of file-sharing apps. Here’s an in-depth look at how TeraBox and SHAREit perform by comparison:

TeraBox leads in user experience, providing a highly easy-to-use and user-friendly interface. The platform is designed to be easy to use even for users without technical backgrounds. Also provides long videos uploading features The absence of complexities makes TeraBox an ideal choice for anyone seeking an easy file-sharing method.

SHAREit also focuses on a smooth user experience. The interface makes file sharing easier, ensuring that users can quickly and easily share files across multiple devices. Its cross-platform functionality further improves its usability, making it an accessible choice for those who frequently switch between devices.


Compatibility across multiple platforms is a critical factor, allowing users to access and share files across a variety of devices and operating systems. Let’s review how both services perform well in this field:

TeraBox offers its support to a variety of platforms, including Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. This flexibility ensures that users can easily share files across different devices, regardless of the operating system they’re using.

SHAREit provides compatibility with an even broader number of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers running various operating systems. Users who frequently switch between devices and platforms will enjoy Shareit’s multi-device and multi-platform approach since it improves their usability.

Pricing and Plans

It is important to consider pricing when users are seeking flexible methods of sharing files.

PlatformFree PlanMonthly PlanYearly Plan
TeraBoxYes$4.99/mo$47.99/ Year
SHAREitYes$5.99/mo$71.88/ Year
TeraBox and SHAREit Pricing Table

Performance and Speed

Both TeraBox and SHAREit offer stable performance, but file transfer speeds can vary depending on different factors. Here’s a closer look at this aspect:

TeraBox is famous for its high-speed performance, keeping on its promise of high-speed file sharing. It is important to remember, however, that your internet connection, file size, and other factors can affect your actual transfer speed.

SHAREit as well provides reliable performance and is known for its fast file transfer speed, due to Wi-Fi Direct. Similar to TeraBox, the actual transfer speed can vary depending on external factors.

Use Cases and Scenarios

Understanding the conditions and use cases where each service shines is important for making the right choice:

TeraBox is an excellent choice if you prioritize high-speed, easy file sharing. TeraBox’s functionality and speed make it a great choice for professionals and users who often transfer large files.

SHAREit comes in handy when you need a user-friendly, cross-platform solution that allows you to share files easily across multiple devices. Users who switch between smartphones, tablets, and computers and desire a cable-free, simple file-sharing process will find this application most helpful.

User Reviews and Feedback

Analyzing data from user reviews and feedback can provide valuable perspectives on the performance and reliability of these services:

TeraBox often receives positive feedback for its simplicity and impressive speed. Users appreciate its user-friendly interface and simple method to file sharing, making it a trusted choice for smooth file sharing.

SHAREit receives positive feedback for its ease of use and cross-device usability. Users find it particularly convenient when sharing files across different devices and operating systems.


SHAREit and TeraBox both offer useful file sharing features, each with its own features. Your choice should match with your unique requirements and priorities.

TeraBox stands out in providing a simple, high-speed file-sharing solution. It is the perfect choice for users who prioritize fast and easy file transfers, and its affordable costs are suitable to many users.

SHAREit is the best choice when you need a user-friendly, cross-platform solution that allows file sharing between different kind of devices. Because it is free of charge, it makes it an accessible choice for low-budget users who value convenience and accessibility.

Before making a decision, carefully consider the important features, security features, pricing plans, and user experience. Both TeraBox and SHAREit offer valuable solutions, ensuring that you can find the tool you need forl file sharing.